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Topic: M-Audio controller issues w/Spectrasonics (something basic?)

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    M-Audio controller issues w/Spectrasonics (something basic?)

    Here is the situation - I'm working on setting up a "mobile" composing rig using a MacBook Pro, to use outside of the studio.

    I have a M-Audio Oxygen 8v2 keyboard controller that I'd like to use, but for some reason none of the Spectrasonics instruments (Omnisphere, Stylus RMX, Trilian) will recognize ANY midi from it, aside from the "MIDI Learn" function. This would be fine, but I cannot see any way to "MIDI Learn" the notes on the keyboard to play back the instrument.

    I am wondering if there is some M-Audio driver issue, as I am having the same problem with a Radium64 controller, but not with Kurzweil, Roland, or Numa controllers.

    It's blowing my mind at this point, and I'm concerned that I'm missing something very elementary (though I know I have the latest driver downloaded & installed from the Avid/Digi/M-Audio website) but regardless, every other VI I have is responsive to note/pitch bend/modulation from the M-Audio controllers, without needing any programming - this includes all the built-in Logic instruments, Native Instruments, East West/Quantum Leap, XLN Audio, etc... Also, it doesn't make a difference whether I'm using USB or MIDI connection from the M-Audio controllers - neither work for Spectrasonics, and both work for all the other VI's.

    Any ideas/help?

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    Re: M-Audio controller issues w/Spectrasonics (something basic?)

    Definetly no need to MIDIlearn the keys to play the instrument.
    You can use parts of the keyboard to switch between the patches in a Multi but basic pitch control is a given.
    The distribution of Keytriggers from a connected controller to a plugin is handled by the hostsoftware. What are you using?
    Can you record keytriggers in your DAW and when you play those back you dont hear any sound coming from Omnisphere or is it only a problem in realtime?
    Sounds like something the hotline guys can easily solve. Have you contacted them?

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    Re: M-Audio controller issues w/Spectrasonics (something basic?)


    I hadn't tried recording a region and playing it back - when I did I noticed that the M-Audio keyboards were sending MIDI data only on channel 16. Switching the midi output on the controller to channel 1 fixed everything!

    I am now going to sit in the corner and re-learn my MIDI basics....

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    Re: M-Audio controller issues w/Spectrasonics (something basic?)

    Glad you found the cause and were able to fix it!

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