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Topic: Logic9 AU presets/Spectrasonics insts

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    Logic9 AU presets/Spectrasonics insts


    I had read somewhere that Spectrasonics don't recommend that, say, Omnisphere sounds be saved as Logic AU presets. Can someone tell me what might be amiss?

    I'm really just wondering if it might be OK to save individual patches as AU presets rather than full multi's or if it's all one big no-no.



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    Re: Logic9 AU presets/Spectrasonics insts

    It's not that we recommend against using aupresets to save patches. It's simply that aupresets aren't capable of saving patches. They can only save the entire state of the plugin, in other words: the multi.

    - Glenn

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    Re: Logic9 AU presets/Spectrasonics insts

    Ah, that's a bummer! :-)

    Hmm, although I suppose it still might be useful if only using one part/patch in a multi anyway or, indeed, simply recalling a multi.

    Thanks, Glenn.


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