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Topic: Napoleonic Era Musicians wanted

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    Napoleonic Era Musicians wanted

    Dear all,

    My name is Marcus Cornelius Marcellus from the Total War game community and currently we are planning a game modification for the new release, Napoleon Total War.

    I previous had the honour of working with two other musicians of this community, Alex McGeary aand Alejandro Rodrigues, who provided excellent music for our Roman era realism mod.

    There will be two types of musical pieces needed.

    Campaign map- these are moody, atmospheric pieces reflecting the Napoleonic era or contemporary musical themes of that era, that basically create the mood when playing the game. These pieces can be either movements or pieces up to 5-7 minutes in length.

    Battle tracks- these are musical pieces to add to the battle experience in game, and will be a combination of marching pieces, fife and drum tracks, and more orchestral pieces to invoke the passion of the moment and encourage further immersion in the game.

    For more information, please do not hesitate to contact me here or at my email,

    Best regards,


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    Re: Napoleonic Era Musicians wanted

    My calendar is currently free so this sounds like an excellent idea. I have pencilled it in and also let a few other know about this thread...
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    Re: Napoleonic Era Musicians wanted

    Ave Marcus Cornelius Marcellus !

    it maybe a little too late, but i sent you an email (on your gmail adress).



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    Re: Napoleonic Era Musicians wanted

    Some news :
    I had already met Seb (Sébastien Bonnet) on another project (Praetorian Defiance) still ongoing and his graphics (his talent!) already seduced me. When he started this mod for Unreal Tournament 3 (Hellzauber), and asked me to participate, I did not have to think long!
    In short, still a good opportunity to throw myself headlong into a musical world that I love...
    To listen : Playlist
    Website : Hellzauber

    See you,

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