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Topic: Mixer Window

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    Mixer Window


    I have been using GPO4 with the assorted Aria Engine Player as a VST plug-in for a while and absolutely love it. The software and its integrated orchestral sounds are amazing. However, I have not yet been able to figure out how to easily choose instruments in the mixer window that correspond with the lines in my scores in Finale PrintMusic. For example, The first line in my score is a flute, but when I choose flute for the first channel in the aria engine player, it does not neccessarily match up (i.e. the channel in the aria engine correspnds to the violin part in my finale score). Is there any easier way to ensure that I pick the right instruments so that they correspond correctly between aria channel and the line in my score without having to painstakingly guess and check? I am having a particularly difficult time locating the snare drum and cymbals so that the channel I pick in the aria player correspond to the lines in my score so that I can hear them playback.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Mixer Window

    I'm sorry one of our Finale users hasn't helped you out yet, Mike.

    I've never used Finale, but have used Sibelius a few times. What you're describing, picking the instruments in Aria is reverse of the way things work in Sib. In that program you set up a piece, and when you assign instruments there in your staves, Sib automatically chooses the appropriate instruments - if your program is set up correctly. Then one can go into the sample players and make changes if needed.

    Are you sure there isn't some routine similar to that in Finale?

    Randy B.

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    Re: Mixer Window

    Hey Mike,

    Welcome to the forum.

    I will say I'm a Finale user but understand there may be some differences in advise you get here since you're using PrintMusic.

    So the first thing we might start with is what you're trying to do. You said you're trying to access instruments through the mixer, but why?

    Steve Winkler

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    Re: Mixer Window

    Does Print Music have the "Instruments Window"?
    If so, that is where to do what you are trying to do, not in the mixer.

    Instance 1 of the ARIA player would be channels 1-16 in the Instruments Window, the second Instance of ARIA player would be channels 17-32, etc.

    So in the instrument window, select flute and assign it to channel 1.
    Then choose your next instrument and assign it to channel 2, etc., to correspond with your slot selection in the ARIA player

    Jim W.
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    Re: Mixer Window

    Quote Originally Posted by snorlax
    Does Print Music have the "Instruments Window"?
    That's where I was going to go with this, but I couldn't tell exactly what Mike was wanting to do once he selected an instrument from the mixer.

    The only thing I do with the mixer (far less often since using the Aria player) is to boost the overall volume with the master fader. For some reason though with the Aria engine if I boost it too much I get alot of clipping so I tend not to touch it anymore.

    As I re-read your post Mike, I'm wondering if you're talking about the mixer on the Aria player itself? I may be completely off, but is your question "which aria player is the flute sample loaded?" as an example.

    Steve Winkler

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    Re: Mixer Window

    Hey, Steve - "...For some reason though with the Aria engine if I boost it too much I get alot of clipping..."

    That's because the default volumes for instruments in Aria is pretty high. When you start getting a group of instruments in the player, there's distortion. It's good to have the habit of automatically turning each slider down a bit as you load your instruments for a project.


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    Re: Mixer Window

    That's good to know. I never really stopped to analyze why but noticed that difference between the Kontakt player and Aria.

    Thanks Randy.


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