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Topic: Spring (Flute demo)

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    Spring (Flute demo)

    Spring is around the corner. How we wait for it in Canada! Here's an early spring demo for flute and harp.

    (The flute is from the VSL downloads)


    Any comment is greatly appreciated.



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    Nice Piece Guy well done. Being a flute player the Vienna flute sounds very good.

    Your piece certainly evokes spring. I saw a fawn chasing butterfly's through a flowered meadow. Well done.

    What was the harp used?

    Matt Taylor

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    Re: Spring (Flute demo)

    Thanks Matt, it's especially pleasing to hear this from a flautist. The harp is VSL.

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    Re: Spring (Flute demo)

    you got game, my friend. very nice, as usual, and definitely fits the title! Now if only the weather would cooperate .

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    Re: Spring (Flute demo)

    Thanks Sam. In Montreal we have great early spring weather, so it was inspiring.

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