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Topic: Opening older Digital Performer Files

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    Opening older Digital Performer Files


    I just ran into this snag. I went to open a file I created in DP5 (I believe), at the very least it was back in 2006 when adding Garritan as an instrument track was an option in DP; The problem is that in DP6, or with the new kontakt versions, you have to create a Kontakt player and then load in the Garritan samples. Because of this, when I open my file it tells me that Garritan is not available (even though it is installed) and I can't just create a Kontakt player and add the instruments because I don't know what instruments I used for which tracks.

    Obviously the data is still in the file, but I don't know how I would be able to access it to tell what instruments should be there. I was going to include a screenshot but I can't post attachments so I hope this is clear.

    Is there a workaround for this short of trying to load the file on an older computer with the software installed and take notes? I have many old files like this and need to be able to open them.


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    Re: Opening older Digital Performer Files

    loremIpsum, we need to get DPDAN on this - Find his name through Search and send him a PM.

    Meanwhile--two thoughts, random ones from a Sonar user who's never seen DP on a screen before:

    --The tracks in DP aren't labeled with instrument names? Or maybe it's an option that you just haven't done. It would be a savior in this situation you describe - you would know what instrument goes to what track.

    Second thought---much more random:

    --Just think of the possibilities if you just started loading instruments into the old project, and left it to chance how it turns out? You could possibly get some Very original, exciting results - !


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    Re: Opening older Digital Performer Files

    In DP you have to manually name the tracks. I do this sometimes but I have many tracks where they are unnamed. I don't usually care because the VI tells you what instrument is what, and usually when I get toward the end of tracking I start labeling things.

    The only time track names show up in DP is when you use external sound modules, as it stores the patch you used, but it's not in the "track name" part of the UI.

    If I'm working fast, and the creative juices are flowing, I tend to leave the track names alone and keep working. I have a lot of tracks in some songs and it would not be an efficient way to go through and randomly pick instruments. I spent a lot of time picking the patches that sounded good.

    I'll take a look for DPDAN. Is he an end user or a developer of Garrison?

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