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Topic: Are Prosamples any use?

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    Are Prosamples any use?

    Has anyone used the Prosamples selection? Are they available in the US? (I\'ve only seen them at a UK site.)

    There are many directions I could go but my budget won\'t let me. I\'d like to know if this product is usable or hobbled in some way.

    I.E. if I bought half a dozen of them and only upgraded say, one or two of them, would I still have something I could use on the others? I\'m not very interested in phrases and riffs and pre-recorded tunes; so are there usable multis within the choir (oohs, aahs) and orchestral (something I could use as a simple string backdrop or more complex ensemble) or the \"Ethno\"?

    Many thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to help.

    I cannot understand why companies do not make better use of the internet to display their wares.

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    Re: Are Prosamples any use?

    I purchased, in Prosamples format:

    QLB Orchestra (all multi samples) some conversion errors but fixable.

    Ethno World (all multi samples)

    AO Classical Orchestra (all multi samples)

    I would say all are very usable for the money!

    Buy @ www.soundsonline.com in US (search site-type, \"prosamples\"

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    Re: Are Prosamples any use?

    I got the Choirs set.

    Very disappointed - the Ahh\'s, Ehh\'s, Ohh\'s etc only cover the octave above and the octave below middle C, so there are no sopranos or basses, only very limited altos and tenors.
    A good choir should be able to get close to 4 octaves not 2!

    On the basis of this one disc, I\'ve put off buying any more prosamples discs and am going to save up for the originals.

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