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Topic: Sample libraries with Shamanic singing?

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    Sample libraries with Shamanic singing?

    Are there any sample libraries containing Shamanic singing?

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    Re: Sample libraries with Shamanic singing?

    This one has some kind of chanting and throat singing, but I don't know if it's what you're after. Maybe BelaDMedia can correct me.

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    Re: Sample libraries with Shamanic singing?

    That's an easy one...c/o Tonehammer's (Forgotten Voices) "Francesca" & also "Cait"....playz

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    Re: Sample libraries with Shamanic singing?

    Thanks for the recommendations. Yes, I already have Francesca and Cait, and fine libraries they are. Thank you for reminding me - I'd forgotten that Francesca is a Shaman.

    Now I'd like to find some Male Shaman singing..

    The BelaD library looks good too, although I could only get the first track of the audio demo to play.

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    Re: Sample libraries with Shamanic singing?

    Omnisphere has some throat singing and other vocal stuff. Maybe you can find something useful there.
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    Re: Sample libraries with Shamanic singing?

    There are a number of male Shamanic voices in Sampled Landscape (ritual voices, mantras, war shouts, etc.) and a huge number of female "Ancient Voices." Overall, you get so many unusual, distinctive mood-setting sounds with SL--things you won't find elsewhere--that it's well worth it. I've used it extensively this past year and can't praise it enough.

    Ilio "Origins" also has some; not sure how much.

    It's true, most libraries of ethnic and other non-classical voices have focused exclusively on females. We need some balance!


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