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Topic: Violin Sonata III. Tarantella - Allegro con fuoco

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    Violin Sonata III. Tarantella - Allegro con fuoco

    After I presented to you the first movements of my new violin sonata in the recent weeks I'd like to share with you now the 3rd movement which I just completed - a furious 6/8 Allegro on a theme which originally was to be used for the Coda of the first movment:


    In particular I am very happy about the development which makes a lot use of counterpoint.

    I hope you'll like it

    (mov. 1 and 2:
    www.gerdprengel.de/violin-sonata-2.mp3 )


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    Re: Violin Sonata III. Tarantella - Allegro con fuoco

    If interested, you can find two examples of (somewhat modern) tarantella from southern Italy here and here (click on the track named "Miezzo a Festa").

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    Re: Violin Sonata III. Tarantella - Allegro con fuoco

    Hi Gerd;
    Yes, I enjoyed it too! A little past the midway point, it reminds me of part of Liszt "Totentanz". I particularly enjoyed the last few measures of the Finale.
    A lot of work on this project!
    Thank you for sharing!

    Best regards,
    sd cisco

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