Remix of an older composition, written as a token of appreciation to a friend. You know your in for a harmony ride when the opening chord is an augmented fifth . I used the GPO string section "Sus&Short mutes" because I wanted the strings to be more or less a "pad", but I don't think that works with the staccato section - probably need someting more aggressive?

Piano: Akoustik Piano "Concert Grand D" patch. Stretch Tuned, EQ= -2dB @273 hz, BW=1.0. Mild Compression 2.2:1, 2.5 ms attack, 130 ms release. Panned right of center.
Electric Bass: Fender J-Bass, EQ peaked +6 dB at 450 hz, BW=0.6. Heavy compression 3.0:1, 10 ms attack, 240 ms release. Panned slightly left to aviod cello.Used instead of Doublebass because I needed faster action.
Triangle: GPO Perc Toys KS "Triangle Long", no dampening, no processing. Default panning.
Gong: GPO Cymbals "Medium Gong 1", no processing. Default panning.
Timpani: GPO "Timpani KS", default KS, no processing. Default panning.
Violins 1: GPO "VLNS 1 Sus&Short Mutes", no processing. panned far left.
Violins 2: GPO "VLNS 2 " " ", no processing. Panned right of center.
Violas: GPO "Violas " " ", no processing. Panned center.
Cellos: GPO "Cellos " " ", EQ peaking at 4.4 dB @1kc, BW 1.1. Compression same as bass. Panned far right.

Altiverb 6: "Castle de Haar - Main Hall", stereo-to-mono, 9.4m, 25% wet