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Topic: Strange SAGE converter issue

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    Strange SAGE converter issue

    I am re-installing all my software on to my new machine.
    I installed all the of the core stuff for RMX and no problem.
    Now I need to SAGE convert my old roland discs. Did Retro Funk no problem.
    Now when I go to do Burning Grooves, there's no option in the SAGE converter pulldown.
    WHAT?? Is this just me? Ver. of SAGE converter is 1.6

    edit: Oops, just realised it's not Groove Control.
    Is there an easy way to do this?
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    Re: Strange SAGE converter issue

    Burning Grooves was not a Groove Control library, so you'll have to buy the SAGE Xpander version of that one:


    Well worth it though, because there's a lot of new material on the Xpander that's not on the original CDs.

    Even better deal if you don't have the full Spectrasonics collection is to just get this for $50 more:


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    Re: Strange SAGE converter issue

    IMHO - The easiest way (Converting from disc takes forever.)

    Just copy the stuff you want from inside your old HD 'SAGE Libraries'.
    Drop inside where your new SAGE folder is (SAGE -> Sage Libraries)

    There should be 2 folders inside - EXP Libraries & User Libraries.
    'EXP' will have all the Spec & Ilio stuff.
    'User' will have all 3rd party & your personal "Converted Rex" files. It will also have the 'New Orleans Strut" from Spec, if you purchased that a few years ago to help out.

    Just copy it all over.
    Saves converting or re-rexing all your personal grooves and such. Some 3rd party libraries have to be altered, as they have more than the 61 (?) files per folder, and some weird nesting.

    This way... your old HD is a backup of the precious RMX library.. and it save having to drive down to the grandparents to get the original discs too!

    Hope that helps..
    Mac PPC 2ghz dual, 1.67 ghz PPC 17" lappy, Samson 65a, Logic 8.01 (dont use), Live 8.05 suite (dont fix what aint broke), Skull collection & Howling dogs.

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