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Topic: SONAR question to Randy B.

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    SONAR question to Randy B.

    Good morning Randy,

    once I have a wave file attached to a track and I want to alter the contents of that wave file by another version of it, SONAR tells me that it is impossible to overwrite, because the original file maybe "read-only". This results in giving the new version a different name.

    Is there a method or command to tell SONAR that I am allowed to overwrite that track-wave-file with a different version and same name? A sort of "SONAR don't touch this file, the user is the boss and tells you that he needs another version with the same name".

    Raymond Robijns
    Youtube channel: "Raymond Robijns"

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    Re: SONAR question to Randy B.

    I'm not sure Raymond but I'm sure that can be answered here at http://forum.cakewalk.com
    If you haven't joined you'll probably want to ...it's a very knowledgable, nice forum.


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    Re: SONAR question to Randy B.

    Quote Originally Posted by GRB53 View Post
    I'm not sure Raymond but I'm sure that can be answered here at http://forum.cakewalk.com
    If you haven't joined you'll probably want to ...it's a very knowledgable, nice forum.

    I know that "other Randy", but the answers are mostly something like: "why do you want that", "yes it is possible"(without telling how), or "Cakewalk doesn't support XP64".

    Though the product is reasonable good, they refuse any answers for platforms other than Vista... anyway not XP64 (personal experience).

    Besides all those considerations, Randy Bowser is my personal coach to better SONAR understanding (don't laugh Randy).

    Raymond Robijns
    Youtube channel: "Raymond Robijns"

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    Re: SONAR question to Randy B.

    Where are you editing it? In Sonar if you want to apply effect to a track permanently and rewrite the audio, use the Process>Apply Audio effects command.

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    Re: SONAR question to Randy B.

    I may be misunderstanding the problem but...without SONAR loaded, if you right click on the wave file and select "Properties" then on the bottom of the General Tab find "Attributes" you may see that the "read only" box is checked. Uncheck it and you should be able to overwrite the file.

    Good luck!
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    Re: SONAR question to Randy B.

    And good (late) morning to you, Raymond.

    Well, I'm slow on the trigger. I'm just now coming to the Forum and seeing your question. Helpful Garritanites have already give you good input.

    Hmmmm. My first reaction is like what you said a typical response at the Cakewalk Forum is - "Why do you want to do that?" Sorry - But I think I'm not understanding what it is you want to do. Or maybe you're misunderstanding something, and what you think you want to do doesn't really need to be done.

    Reegs talked about "destructive editing," --applying audio effects permanently to an audio file. I think he was trying to guess what you're trying to achieve. Was he right, Raymond?

    I'm not sure what Chip is talking about. I opened Sonar before starting to write, and when right clicking a clip you can get to Properties, but I don't see "Attributes" or a "read only" box to check or un-check. -?--

    I think it's safe to say we're all guessing at what you really need.

    I've never wanted or needed to "overwrite" an audio file - If I need a new version of a track, I just record it again. More often though, I select just the portion of a project I need to re-record and bounce down that small bit. You know you don't always have to record the entire time line, right? At the same point in the original audio track, I use the scissors to split the track, then with the handy tool that expands or truncates a track, I push the track to left and right, leaving a gap where I drag up the new clip.

    It doesn't matter what your audio files are named. You can insure intelligible names by naming the audio outs from a soft synth, i.e. - "First Strings." Then when you bounce that data to audio, the instrument name will be part of the track name. I routinely simplify the track names even more than that - But it's only the track names I'm concerned about.

    Getting back to your post - You say you want to "...alter the contents of that wave file by another version of it.." If you mean an entirely new version, just make a new bounce. Erase the audio but leave the track. Then in the bounce window, specify that same track as the destination. You don't have to always bounce to a new track.

    But we're not sure in what way you're wanting to "alter the contents."

    You end up emphasizing how it's for some reason to maintain the same name for your audio tracks - I'm not understanding the need for that. It's your tracks you want to keep straight. And if you need multiple versions of the same data for some reason, maybe slightly different versions - just record a list of tracks. To tidy things up, slice and dice what you want to keep and drag those clips all into the same track. When you push Shift while dragging a clip, it stays in exactly the same time line position. When I do vocals, I'll record 10 or more takes, then pick and choose what I want, then assemble one vocal track made from those pieces.

    Have I hit on anything helpful to you?


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    Re: SONAR question to Randy B.

    None of your answers, answered my question. Sorry for you. I don't want other considerations, other thoughts, I just want to know how to overwrite an already made wave file and imported wave file without being blocked by SONAR.

    I always can delete the existing version outside SONAR (without having loaded SONAR). Looking at the properties there is no "read only" checked.
    I cannot do the following, without SONAR complaining:

    1. go to the track where the wave file is hanging around (imported);
    2. delete that wave file in SONAR, this is pressing the DEL button when I select that track(then the contents is gone, not the track);
    3. make another one with the same name to import it at the same audio track.

    It is like SONAR telling, "this belongs to me, don't mess with it!!"
    Obviously you never tried it, and don't know it.

    Raymond Robijns
    Youtube channel: "Raymond Robijns"

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    Re: SONAR question to Randy B.

    Now there's the Raymond I know. Too bad you don't like my answers. Those are what you get, because what you're trying to do is pointless. It's a non-issue and you're wasting your time struggling with it.

    There is No Need to have the audio track have the same name. It makes Zero difference.

    There is No Need to import your tracks into Sonar. They shouldn't have left the project in the first place.

    You asked for my reply, now you've had several. If you don't like what you hear, --not my problem, my stubborn friend who seems to enjoy wasting his time with pointless hassles.


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    Re: SONAR question to Randy B.

    Not being able to overwrite the file is a safety feature in Sonar so you don't overwrite tracks accidently. The fastest way to put a different file in is to highlight the track and use Wipe feature in the Track menu. Then import or bounce to that track.

    The file will not keep the same name if you overwrite as Sonar will create a new name anytime a new file is created.


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