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Topic: 1.04 update and samples

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    1.04 update and samples

    I installed the steinway 1.02 and then the samples. Then I ran the 1.04 update and it installed. At the end of that install, a little window came up that had a pull-down menu for "action" and the choices were things like "no action", "move", "uninstall"... I don't remember exactly now. And then a "go" button of some sort.

    Well, none of the drop-down choices appealed to me, I wanted to leave my samples where they were. But when "no action" was selected, the "go" button was gray-ed out. So instead, I just X'd out of that dialog altogether.

    What I'm wondering now though is that if somehow I missed some sample file updates between 1.02 and 1.04? Are the 1.02 samples all completely up to date? I thought at some point I read something about some samples being modified or replaced. What was that dialog box for anyway? Was there another way out of it other than just quitting it with the window frame X button?

    Running Win7 by the way.



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    Re: 1.04 update and samples

    Hmmm, I ran that update and didn't have to move my samples. Maybe it just wanted you to point it to where they're stored.

    I'd suggest running the update again and allowing it to complete. Maybe you missed something in one of the steps? It's just that I didn't have a problem like the one you described and my samples are on their own dedicated drive.

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    Re: 1.04 update and samples

    If you're able to play the Steinway fine and you are getting sound, then everything's fine - you don't need to worry. The samples are the same.

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    Re: 1.04 update and samples

    If you don't need anything from the sample tool, just bail out as you did and forget it.

    What you saw is perfectly normal, as far as I can tell from several installations and updates. It provides the chance to change the sample structure, if you like. You can also run that sample tool on its own at another time.

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