Hi everyone.

So I have an M-Audio Keystation Pro 88 keyboard, as well as an Alesis Micron synth.

I bought the KS Pro way back when, and used it often. But I like the Micron's synthy key action a lot more, especially for fast percussion material.

However, I think the Micron is not sending MIDI data now. (It could be my soundcard's input, but I digress.)

So, back to the KS Pro 88...
I have my *typing* keyboard placed on top of the KS Pro like so:

Unfortunately, it rests directly on top of the KS Pro CC faders and knobs, which when moved, send CC data to my host, REAPER. *NOT* good for guys doing a lot of MIDI work, such as myself. This creates "dirty" MIDI tracks, full of messages that can throw off volume and pan settings like crazy.

Is there a MIDI CC filter in VST format that lets me filter, not just by range, but for the entire message, such as MIDI Volume, MIDI Pan, etc?