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Topic: Images - score for orchestra

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    Images - score for orchestra (New version up)

    Hi friends, hope you like this "starter".



    Now with a very contrasting section. A thretaning timpani against a happy melodi line goes into a very dark section and back for relif. A very compact score


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    Re: Images - score for orchestra

    Nice, interesting, breaks off a bit suddenly (I guess that's why you called it a starter). Could use a bit more variation in the orchestration. What are you going to do with it?

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    Re: Images - score for orchestra

    Thanks! The stop is hopefully a cliff hanger. I will look this over and
    try to develop a longer interesting score.


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    Re: Images - score for orchestra

    Nice. It does add depth to the original idea. The timpani is a bit too dominant at the point where only a single woodwind is heard, but the return to the string arrangement comes as a relief, and the english horn is used very effectively. And the end made me think: indeed, that's how it's got to end. Good work.

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    Re: Images - score for orchestra

    Thanks Theo! I agree, the timpani part do need a rework.


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    Re: Images - score for orchestra

    Have now cut down on the timpani.


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    Re: Images - score for orchestra

    Jonte, that was very, very good.

    I really enjoyed the listen. Nice contrast in the sections, especially bringing it way down to the flute and cor solos. Overall, very dramatic and broad. I had the advantage of hearing th later version so I think the Timpani is just right (cool ending!) Nice mix and not too much reverb ... just right.



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