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Topic: Gigastudio 2.5 question

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    Gigastudio 2.5 question

    I just upgraded an old computer that had Gigastudio 160 2.5 on it. I upgraded from W2k to Wxp. I'd like to keep Gigastudio working on this computer. Gigastudio opens, but it keeps asking me to register and receive the unlock code. I have this code (since I bought this years ago) but I don't know where I am suppose to install it. Without getting past this I think I am also barred from using the NFX programs.

    Anyone have any ideas on how to reactivate this?



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    Re: Gigastudio 2.5 question

    I think I figured this out. I skipped the registration option and the next window asked for the key. Looks like I got it running again.


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