Wrote this some time ago and remixed using GPO instruments.

Musically describes a cloudy day where the sun tries to peak through with great difficulty. Opening theme is carried throughout in several variations. A characteristic of the piece is the repeated attempt to climb up, only to be torn back down again - this is done with pitch or volume. First instance at 0:38 where the strings work their way up in triump only to be met with a meter change and a circle of fifths (minor mode), rather a downer I would say. Even the ensuing harpsichord only gets 3 rising notes before being dropped down again. This is like the sun trying to get through the clouds only to be covered again. Even the piano solo that follows has the right hand trying to rise only to be follow up by the left and dragged back down again! At 2:00 the sun trys to come out again (in hopeful triump) but is really dragged down hard into that circle of fifths (at slower tempo no less). Finally, after a rising roll (volume this time) of the timpani, the piano plays a new version of the theme, this time in full triump of the sun shining through - here the left hand doesn't try to drag the right hand back down again! The ending is the opening theme repeated, though it somehow feels different. Used the old fashion orchestral stage placement (maybe should change that).

Piano: Akoustik Piano "Grand Concert D" patch as is. EQ = -5db reduction at 450 hz, BW=0.46. Modest 2.5:1 compression, 2.5 ms Attack, 40 ms release.
Harpsichord: GPO "Harpsichord KS", default KS, out of box, no processing.
Strings: All GPO, as is out of the box, no processing, default KS. "VLNS 1 KS", "VLNS 2 KS", "VIOLA KS", "CELLO KS", "BASSES KS". Cello and Bass had Pizz KS initially, then Sus&Short (sustain for bass) default. All others used default Sus&Short.
French Horn: GPO "French Horn 1 Solo KS", default KS. EQ= -5dB @384 hz, BW=0.6, Slight 2.6:1 compression, 4 ms attack, 45 ms release.
Flute: GPO "Flute Solo KS", mostly non-vibrato, vibrato on some sustained notes.
English Horn: GPO "English Horn 1 Solo", As is out of the box.
Timpani: GPO "Timpani KS", Default KS, out of the box. Added volume controller for rise at the end of roll (not enough velocity range for that).
Altiverb: Can't remember the patch right now, but it was at 25% wet.

Mastering added 4 dB on limiter (-15 dB average power level) and -1.5 dB wide band scoop out at 220 hz.