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Topic: using jbridge - where to put .dll files?

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    using jbridge - where to put .dll files?


    I've just installed jbridge so i can use some 32 bit plugins like MTU Ethno, and have 2 quick questions to help me set things up correctly:

    1) Currently I keep all my .dll files in one folder (or subfolders of that folder) - should I keep any 32 bit .dll files in a seperate folder, one which Cubase does not look in when initialising?

    2) As a general rule, can .dll files be moved around to any folder and still have their corresponding VST load fine in cubase? (so long of course as cubase is instructed to look in that folder for plugins) eg - there's no need to re-install the VST when moving .dll files around is there? ie there's nothing written to the registry regarding their location?


    btw, apparently VST bridge issues are being by steinberg in next cubase update - but for now at least it seems like jbridge is needed...

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    Re: using jbridge - where to put .dll files?

    From what I've read on the Cubase forum, I wouldn't hold my breath for VST bridge.
    I'm on a PC and I can direct the software (Cubase) where to look for the vst plugs.
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