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Topic: New Trilian Updates!!!

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    New Trilian Updates!!!

    I am currently downloading the latest updates for Trilian. I have only had it a little while and am trying to work my way through it. Loved it straight away and now Spectrasonics have given me even more updates

    I am guessing the conversation at Spectrasonics HQ went something like this:

    Eric: Let's improve Trilian.
    SP Team: Why?
    Eric: Because!
    SP Team It's already the best thing on the market.
    Eric: Yeah! I know.
    SP Team Improve What?
    Eric: All of it (see list in updates thread)
    SP Team Ok, is that it?
    Eric: No, we will throw a boatload of new samples in there.
    SP Team:We already done that! we give them a million meg of synths and
    samples last year.
    Eric: I know, We'll give them some more.
    SP Team : Why?
    Eric: Because!
    SP Team: Ok then Eric, how much we gonna charge?
    Eric: Nothing!
    SP Team: HOW MUCH?
    Eric: Free, zilch, zero, nada, nothing.
    SP Team: Your Kidding, right?
    Eric : No!
    SP Team: Well how we gonna eat? We all got families to feed.
    Eric: Live on bread and water, lots of people do it.
    SP Team: All the VI makers charge for add ons, updates, you know Eric, for
    real money and stuff. Drums, guitars, orchestra's.....they all
    charge. Thats how they make that money thing we talk about
    but never see.
    Eric: Yeah! we'll be different, we just need a load of appreciation.
    SP Team: Ok then Eric! Bread and Water it is then.

    So here is a bit of appreciation for all the hard work you guys put into your products. I don't know of another company that does the same FOR FREE!
    I know if my Bass Guitar sounds awful in a mix it's gonna be my fault. I may buy Omnisphere soon, just to help out a little

    Thanks for the updates.


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    Re: New Trilian Updates!!!

    +1. Really appreciate all their additional add ons all the time.....
    richard sven
    sound sculptist
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