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Topic: GPO standalone mode - keyboard split?

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    GPO standalone mode - keyboard split?

    I wish to use GPO in standalone mode for live performance

    Is there a way to set up a keyboard split so I can
    have different GPO instruments responding to different
    ranges of keys on the midi keyboard?

    Example, harp on the lower half and violin on the upper.

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    Re: GPO standalone mode - keyboard split?

    So long as your midi keyboard is able to define zones or spllits which output to different midi channels, then each zone will play a different instrument in GPO dependant on the midi channel selected for the instrument; or, if the zones overlap you can create a layered sound of as many instruments as you can define zones - I've tried this out with a Roland XP80 using four zones. Hope this helps. Dave.

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    Re: GPO standalone mode - keyboard split?

    If your keyboard cant do that, you can use some midi utilities. In windows you have MidiOx, and others. I heard that there are some tools for Mac too.
    Marcelo Colina

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