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Topic: Just Incredible!

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    Many of you are probably familiar with the music of Eric Whitaker. His choral works are just astounding. I came across this video on youtube this morning and had to share with everyone. Please, set aside about 10 minutes and watch him direct this massive choir in an incredible performance of his piece Cloudburst.


    Gary A.
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    Who loves choral music (as i do) can't stay cold in front of this kind of performances, (amazing sound, nice music, theatrical performance...) thanks for posting.

    By the way if I have to be very honest I don't find it excelling in composing. IMVHO This kind of poliphony sounds a little static and repetitive after a while, so i would expect more rythmic and dynamic play in the sections to make it really outstanding.
    Maybe just a matter of taste.

    Thanks again for posting, long life to choir singing culture and pleasure.

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    Re: Just Incredible!

    And Perpetuum Jazzile does an impressive performance of Toto's "Africa"


    Worth the watch.
    It's a Viking thing.

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