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Topic: GPO 4 upping tempo?

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    GPO 4 upping tempo?


    I'm a fairly new user of GPO 4. I have noticed an issue where, when rendering in GPO a MIDI file created in Frinika, GPO seems to pick up the tempo several counts, e.g., from 100 to 105 or 106.

    Is this a known issue? Any ideas what may cause it? Should I just adjust my Frinika tempo slower before MIDI export to compensate?


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    Re: GPO 4 upping tempo?


    If I understand you correctly, your problem is in the software that creates or processes the midi information and sends the midi information to GPO. GPO is only the instrument, producing sounds as told.

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    Re: GPO 4 upping tempo?


    I'm not exactly sure which program is the issue; all I know for sure is that the songs are coming out at a different tempo in different programs.

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    Re: GPO 4 upping tempo?

    Quote Originally Posted by danielmount View Post

    I'm not exactly sure which program is the issue; all I know for sure is that the songs are coming out at a different tempo in different programs.
    Hi, Daniel - This is a very odd thing and I've never heard of it happening before. As Herbert accurately replied, GPO has nothing to do with it since it's only the library of samples being played- no time code of any kind is involved with GPO. But I'm wondering why you're using several "different programs" to work on your music? And are you actually talking about MIDI files you've recorded, or audio? --because the latter can play back at different speeds if audio settings in a file don't match the settings in a program's project file.
    Randy B.

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    Re: GPO 4 upping tempo?

    Well, I'm under the impression that I need to use a MIDI sequencer of some sort. Then I was using Garritan to render the MIDI track into something that sounds nice.

    (Frinika was my MIDI sequencer. I've also tried Finale's PrintMusic, which is totally not built for the purpose, and it also seemed like the tempo was picked up a tad, though I haven't timed it specifically.)

    It's probably just something out of whack on my system--though I am running these on Vista SP2. I can just adjust the tempo slower in the sequencers to compensate.

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    Re: GPO 4 upping tempo?

    Hello again, Daniel - Thanks for the details. I looked at Frinika's site and see that it's a one-stop work station program like most music programs, meaning it can be where you record your MIDI tracks and also where you record them to audio. It doesn't promise notation worthy of printing, so that's probably why you looked into Finale's Print Music.

    But I'm just pointing out that there's no need to load your MIDI recordings in various apps, since you can finish your projects there in Frinika - unless you also have some reason for needing nice looking print outs.

    One possibility is that the tempo wasn't recorded as part of your MIDI file, and when you imported it into another app besides Frinika, it was being played at the 2nd app's default tempo which wouldn't match your intended tempo.


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    Re: GPO 4 upping tempo?

    Thanks, and that is helpful.

    I do use Frinika for everything but nice printouts, which is what I use PrintMusic for. I had just been using PrintMusic here to test if the same thing was occurring.

    I'll tinker around for a bit and probably come up with something that will work. Thanks!

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