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Topic: DAE Error 7401 in PT 8

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    DAE Error 7401 in PT 8

    Hi guys, is it normal that when I use Omni and Trilian into Pro Tools 8 I receive this error if I open more than 1 !!!!! instance of Trilian or Omnisphere???

    In the same pc with Cubase Studio 4 I can open many instances without glitches ecc

    what's the matter?

    dual core 2,66
    3,2 giga ram
    windows xp pro SP 2, 32bit

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    Re: DAE Error 7401 in PT 8

    I forgot to say that both omni and trilian and PT 8 are updated at the last versions..

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    Re: DAE Error 7401 in PT 8

    I bought PT 8 m-powered over Christmas to learn the software. I was stunned at how few soft synths I could use in it compared with Cubase 5. It was so disappointing that I sold it. I think that the resource requirements of Omnisphere bump up against PT's resource limitations in the areas of RTAS CPU and RAM inefficiency and the RAM limits due to PT being a 32-bit application.

    After running 64-bit synths in a 64-bit host, I don't want to go back.

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