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Topic: Software MIDI Routing

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    Software MIDI Routing

    Hi all,

    (Note: I'm also posting this to the Garritan forum)

    I'm trying to understand MIDI routing between sequencing software, VSTi's, and my keyboard. Does anyone know where I can find a general explanation of how all this works?

    To be more specific:

    My keyboard is sending on all MIDI channels.

    In my sequencing software (Samplitude Music Studio 14) I have 16 tracks, each supposedly routed to a different instrument in the VSTi version of Garritan Personal Orchestra v4.

    In the VSTi, I have 16 different instruments loaded.

    When I select an instrument in GPO4 and click on its virtual keyboard, I hear notes from that instrument. But when I click on the individual tracks in Samplitude, instead of hearing just the instrument assigned to that track, I hear a whole bunch of them. Not all, but most. See attached screenshot.

    I followed the video tutorial (found at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d75oIxP-7Tk) to set this up and he makes it look so easy. Of course, he doesn't actually say this will work with a MIDI keyboard and he only demonstrates it with the virtual keyboard built into GPO4.

    Any insight into general MIDI software/hardware routing or how to understand/solve this specific problem would be very much appreciated.

    -Ron T.
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    Re: Software MIDI Routing

    I got it figured out, but thanks for reading this thread anyway.

    -Ron T.

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    Re: Software MIDI Routing

    Quite interesting and informational post for music lovers like me thanks.

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