Does anyone know the best way of copying Ominspheres user settings, so i can have access to all my favourites, tags, modified patches etc. on a new computer?

I've tried replacing the folder named "Settings Library" with the same folder from my old computer, and wierdly, this makes some of my re-edited favourites appear in omnisphere's browser, but not all - only about one tenth of them! There must be another file or folder somewhere that I need to copy? Having spent ages modifying and re-tagging patches, it'd be somewhat annoying if I lose all these due to upgrading computer...

Only other thing I can think of that might be affecting this is that the version of Omnisphere where the patches were modified/saved/re-tagged was 32bit - and I've installed the 64bit version on my new computer. Could this be causing a problem with importing old user settings?

Any help much appreciated!