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Topic: upgrade to GPO4 from Kontakt Player version

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    upgrade to GPO4 from Kontakt Player version

    I understand that if I purchase the GPO4 Aria version I will have to enter my previous Kontakt Player version serial number. The question is: Is there anything else that needs to be done with the Kontakt Player version?

    1. deauthorize it?
    2. uninstall it?
    3. what about Finale-installed versions?

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    Re: upgrade to GPO4 from Kontakt Player version

    I suppose you could de-authorize and/or uninstall the Kontakt version, but do you really need to? Are you low on disk space? Do you just dislike clutter?

    On the flip side of the question, if you have a lot of projects that made use of the Kontakt version you might want to leave it in place so that they still work. Then you can slowly migrate from Kontakt to Aria.

    Bill Thompson
    Audio Enterprise

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    Re: upgrade to GPO4 from Kontakt Player version

    Yes, Bob, DEFINITELY don't get rid of your Kontakt Player version of GPO. Right now, GPO and The Authorized Steinway are the only Garritan Libraries which work in Aria. JABB, and CoMB will be available in Aria later. Maybe you don't have those libraries, but you should feel free to get them before they're available in Aria.

    You may also find some functions of the Kontakt Player which you don't want to lose. Currently, I still haven't done a project that uses only Aria. I find I sometimes need what's in Kontakt alongside what's available in Aria.

    Keep it.

    Randy B.

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