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Topic: KP2 panning vs. SONAR panning

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    Angry KP2 panning vs. SONAR panning

    Not sure about the default value, but in KP2 my 1st Violins KS are at 45L.
    In SONAR I have at the track 10L.

    The moment I start playing the panning in KS2 jumps back to the value 45L.
    I am using the setting for Accept ... blabla... for volume and pan in the KS player, because I need that CC7.

    Using CC10 in Sonar is a bit ackward. I can not find out the relationship between the CC10 and the setting in Kp2.

    How can I avoid KP2 resetting the pan and maintaining the pan I want?

    Raymond Robijns
    Youtube channel: "Raymond Robijns"

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    Re: KP2 panning vs. SONAR panning

    Hi Raymond,

    For what it's worth, Randy B and DPDan advised me to convert those MIDI tracks to audio then do the placement (panning) with the audio file. When converting to audio they advised (if I remember correctly - and this is what I do now) panning all instruments to center in KP2 and placing their volume level in KP2 as close to 0db as you can get. Then render out the audio and pan that.

    Recently I went thru quite a few of the Garritan instruments loaded into KP2 and wrote down all of the default pan values. I then rendered the audio according to Randy B. and DPDan's instructions and returned the audio panning to those original Garritan pan values. It worked pretty well, and is a good general guideline (for me) to instrument placement.

    I have read on the SONAR forum where some people use the surround panner in SONAR (using it as a L-R panner) to better advantage than the L-R panner. I tried it and it didn't really make a big difference for me.

    Hope this isn't too confusing. Good luck!
    In theory there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice there is.

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    Re: KP2 panning vs. SONAR panning

    You would be better off deciding where you want to do the panning.
    If you want to pan in Sonar it would probably be better to center everything in Kontakt.
    Concider that if you pan kontakt 100% left then try to pan Sonar right. There is no signal on the right coming from Kontakt so you have a confusing situation.

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    Re: KP2 panning vs. SONAR panning

    I spent hours making posts about how to set the pan slider in Kontakt for recording stereo or mono sounds from Garritan libraries.

    If you are recording your sounds to audio tracks for proper mixing there should be absolutely no pan or volume data in any of the midi tracks.

    If you are mixing music, and want it to be the best it can be with your resources, you will route (assign) each instrument in Kontakt to it's own dedicated audio output in Kontakt, then those outputs will be assigned to the correct individual stereo or mono audio tracks in Sonar. After the sounds are recorded to audio, the pan in Sonar's mixer will be used to determine the left/right position of the track.

    If two woodwind instruments are going to be recorded to separate audio tracks, you would need two mono audio tracks, (not stereo) since most all woodwinds in GPO are mono. Let's say we use Kontakt's group 7-8 for these two mono woodwind instruments. If group 7-8 was chosen for the first woodwind instrument, it would be panned all the way to the left in the Kontakt player. This will send the first woodwind instrument to the odd channel of the stereo group, and the second woodwind instrument will be assigned to the same stereo pair (7-8) but it would be panned all the way to the right, sending it to the even numbered pair.

    To re-emphasize, the pan setting in the Kontakt player is NOT used to determine the instruments position in the stereo mixing process, it is used to direct/route/assign that instrument to specific audio connections inside Sonar... and any other software program for that matter.

    I am repeating myself.. here is the link to all this stuff...



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    Re: KP2 panning vs. SONAR panning

    DPDAN in particular... I already do what you over and over said to me, but I was working on an old project (before I saw the "light") and wondered why these pan settings on Sonar didn't reflect the pans in KP2 and why KP2 always returns to some sort of default value, in any case not mine.

    Raymond Robijns
    Youtube channel: "Raymond Robijns"

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