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Topic: Trials of Archeron - fantasy movie score

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    Trials of Archeron - fantasy movie score

    I've been working hard on completing my fantasy movie score for my favourite movie (in my head!)

    Would love some feedback on the pieces - some have been posted in their raw form previously but I've mastered and tidied them all up now. They use virtually all GPO with a couple of other VSTs thrown in for little effects here and there.

    Any feedback positive or negative would be fabulous.


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    Senior Member Frank D's Avatar
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    Re: Trials of Archeron - fantasy movie score

    Hi Reuben,

    I listened when you first posted, and then again tonight ... really nice stuff. Very atmospheric writing and orchestrating; I thought it was very well done, including your mixing.

    I was surprised that there were no comments, but then again I listen to a lot more music on this forum than I reply to so who am I to say? Not by design, mind you, but sometimes you just run out of hours. I happen to love film score music and can enjoy it without visuals. But there are those that, without a visual reference, may not spend the time. Who knows?

    I guess I'm trying to be encouraging ... you produce good work and I hope you continue to post your music; I really enjoyed it.



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    Re: Trials of Archeron - fantasy movie score

    Thank you Frank for your kind messages of support - writing without a visual in front of me is challenging and I guess it's also a bit more challenging to listen to - although I have to say I can listen to soundtracks for pleasure and just close my eyes to imagine, which is half the fun.

    Thanks again

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    Senior Member sd cisco's Avatar
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    Re: Trials of Archeron - fantasy movie score

    I listened to all 5 pieces, this is a great way to create scene specific music with a variety of ideas, as you have done hear. It has an epic feel to it!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Best regards,
    sd cisco

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    Re: Trials of Archeron - fantasy movie score

    I haven't listened to all of them (yet), but it's certainly good music, and well rendered, and I hear clear themes. Some of the sounds are very surprising. I don't know what you layer in the second part of Prelude to Victory, but it sounds like a different color. I also like the way you make transitions.

    To me, it's not challenging to listen to. Some parts are even relaxing, like in the first entry in your page, where the harp carries the song.

    Good work.

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    Re: Trials of Archeron - fantasy movie score

    It's beautiful work, strong enough to evoke scenes in ones imagination if picture isn't present. I didn't find it a challenging listen at all in that regard.
    Very nice production as well.

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    Re: Trials of Archeron - fantasy movie score

    The compositions are good, but the mixing could be improved to sell the orchestral illusion better. Your brass and woodwinds are too upfront and dry in several spots. Don't be afraid to intentionally send some things to the back of the hall.

    In short, the things in the front of the hall (strings) should sound drier and brighter. As you go further away from the conductor (stings> brass> percussion way in the back) things get wetter (more reverb and more early reflections room sound), duller, and quieter.

    What's cool about GPO4 is that the early reflections ("stereo stage control" under "Controls") are automatically dialed in correctly for each instrument family, you just have to turn it on. All you have to do at that point is add more reverb as you go back and roll off the treble EQ more as you go back and turn down the volume as you go back. The great thing is that all these functions are supported within Aria itself.


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    Re: Trials of Archeron - fantasy movie score

    Hi Reuben,

    Really nice work, I like it !

    Given that I'm pretty new in this forum and composition, I won't dare to criticise too much , however, just one thing that is shocking my ears (as jsaras perfectly already said), the little incoherences sometimes about reverb mixing.

    Anyway I really like it !

    Thanks for sharing and looking for more !


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