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Topic: Free Giga Samples, Worras

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    Thumbs up Free Giga Samples, Worras

    Since I couldn't renew worrasplace I initially put the samples I was hosting on my server on salsablanca.com.
    I am pleased to announce that I am moving all the Worras samples to http://gigasamples.com/

    This should make it easier for me, and also what remains of the Giga universe.
    Please stop by, but it will take me a couple of days to get all of the files on the new server.
    If you have any samples you want to promote, let me know as well.

    Jon Griffin

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    Re: Free Giga Samples, Worras

    almost caught up. I should have all the original Worras stuff up by this afternoon.
    I am working on a way to upload as well.


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    Re: Free Giga Samples, Worras

    Thanks very much for this nice service of hosting some of the free giga samples out there...nice nostalgic compilation

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    Re: Free Giga Samples, Worras

    I was missing the accordions and steel drums. Got 'em!

    P.S. The reason there's an accordion2 is that accordion has loud clicks in a lot of the samples.
    You should probably remove the bad one. accordion2 is a fixed version of the bad one.

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