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Topic: Omnisphere bounce Problems

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    Omnisphere bounce Problems

    I am frequently encountering a problem when trying to bounce in place or freezing Omnisphere tracks, or bouncing entire songs containing Omnisphere tracks, in Logic 9.1 running in 32 bit mode on 10.6.2. The bounced/frozen Omnisphere tracks cut out at various points randomly. The only solution i have found is to route the sounds to an audio track and re-record.

    I first became aware of the problem while beta testing the new Omnisphere 1.2. I reported the problem at the beta site, believing it to be a regular beta bug, but was simply told to go read this FAQ:

    Bouncing a streaming instrument to disk is always tricky business. Basically, streaming relies on the fact that there is some spare time available when rendering to read from disk. However, when bouncing, hosts often render as fast as possible, eliminating that spare time which is important for streaming. This can lead to audio artifacts. So, when bouncing or freezing any instrument that uses streaming, it's important to bounce in real time.

    Note that it is frequently possible to get a faster-than-real-time bounce of a streaming instrument to succeed, but it is not reliable. When bouncing a streaming instrument, it is important to do your bounces in real time in order to obtain reliable results.

    Hosts usually have an option for real time when bouncing or freezing. If your host is lacking that feature, you can usually do a real time bounce by simply bussing the output of the instrument to an audio track, playing the sequence and recording the results to the audio track.

    I have problems with this explanation - First, and i guess most important, I personally use 2 other streaming instruments - EXS and Kontakt 3.5, both of which also now use memory servers. Neither of these streaming instruments has ever exhibited the slightest problem with offline bouncing, bouncing in place, or freezing within Logic, so bouncing a streaming instrument doesn't seem to have been a particularly "tricky business" for Apple or Native Instruments, and portraying it as a broad limitation of the technology is not correct, in my opinion. Also, the given workaround, to either bounce in realtime or freeze in real time would be insufficient even if Logic had realtime freeze, which it doesn't, There are 2 scenarios where this limitation really hurts. First, when printing multiple stems for multiple cues, not having an offline bounce feature can add hours of work. Offline bounce has been a godsend. To take it away now in order just to have reliable rendering of Omnisphere tracks would be a serious limitation. Second, the Omnisphere tracks that I tend to go for are often by their nature long, constantly evolving types of sounds. A secondary reason for freezing tracks, one that i don't often read much about but which is important to me, is so that when starting playback in the middle of one of these sounds, you hear the sound faithfully in progress, not triggered from the beginning. When trying out a multitude of different tempi on a cue, to be able to unfreeze, change tempo, then refreeze 20 times easily, is an important tool. On some of my projects this would take an eternity to do in real time.

    The reason i am boring you with why this limitation is so important to my particular working method is in order to hopefully divert preemptively any attempts to minimize the problem with workarounds. I believe this to be a serious problem with this particular instrument, most frustrating for me personally, as i love the sounds that i get out of it, and i would like to know the extent to which Spectrasonics is taking it seriously and intends to fix it, as opposed to regarding it as a tricky business which must be worked around at the user end. I would also very much appreciate any forum input for ways to (practically) minimize the problem in the meantime.



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    Re: Omnisphere bounce Problems

    Hi..Have you tried loading the patch into Omni..Not streaming it..? Jon
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    Re: Omnisphere bounce Problems

    Hi jonkuzma

    I am actually using the server mode, to utilize maximum amounts of RAM > more instances. I was informed by Spectrasonics support that this mode does also utilize some streaming.

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    Re: Omnisphere bounce Problems

    I've encountered a similar problem when trying to freeze tracks with PLAY. They don't play back, and when you unfreeze, the sound itself needs to be reloaded. In my case, I'm not using disk streaming, I'm loading the PLAY instance into the Mac's RAM outside of Logic (while using PLAY as an AU within Logic). No one's ever been able to figure out the cause of the problem, but I think it has something to do with the sound being loaded outside of Logic - basically it can't freeze a track when its own RAM doesn't contain the sound.

    Any Logic gurus out there know if that's true or false?


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