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Topic: Imperfect Samples - Group Buy 2010

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    Imperfect Samples - Group Buy 2010

    Hi everyone,

    Imperfect Samples is having a group buy here:

    0 - 25 Buyers: 10 % Discount
    26 - 50 Buyers: 20% Discount
    51 - 75 Buyers: 30 % Discount
    76 - 80 Buyers: 40% Discount
    81 Buyers or More..... 50% Discount

    When an imperfect sample library, is sequenced, the result is a hyper-realistic organic recording. For example, listen to this sequenced demonstration: http://www.imperfectsamples.com/webs...himmeldemo.mp3


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    Re: Imperfect Samples - Group Buy 2010

    Whoa! Group Buy! Great.... I might join.


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    I have the Braunschweig Piano (a.k.a Schimmel Piano) and it really has a lot of character, recommended.

    Just checked the web page and the Hohner Baby Grand also sounds really nice.

    If you like the Malmsjo Piano (for instance), you'll like these too. Very effective for film music and any kind of moody or softer stuff. If you're a piano lover, you are likely to want these.

    Also cool to see that the exs format is being supported.

    This seems a pretty popular Group Buy, with only 30 more buyers needed for the maximum discount (make that 29, I am placing my order now) ;-)


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    Re: Imperfect Samples - Group Buy 2010

    Hi Matt:

    I cannot go to your webpage. It just won't load. Wondering if too much traffic has shut down your server. I've been trying for an hour now. No luck. Anybody else having the same problem.


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    Re: Imperfect Samples - Group Buy 2010

    Same here - I can get to the mp3 example, which sounds gorrrgeous -- but the site seems to be down. Count me in when it's back up! I love these kinds of piano sounds.


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    Re: Imperfect Samples - Group Buy 2010

    Site's back up! +1 on the group buy for both pianos for me.

    I hadn't heard of Imperfect Samples before -- so glad this popped up on NS!


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    Re: Imperfect Samples - Group Buy 2010

    Hi guys,

    I'm in touch with the web host about the site outages - The website seems to be going down a bit at EU night time lately. (Why is it so hard to find reliable online services these days?!). If it it happens again, let me know the date and time, that would be great. Either way, this won't interrupt the product downloads.



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    Re: Imperfect Samples - Group Buy 2010

    Quote Originally Posted by matt9b View Post
    Maximum 50% Discount Reached!

    Counter: 79 (40% Discount Reached)

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    Re: Imperfect Samples - Group Buy 2010

    Quote Originally Posted by stargazer View Post

    Counter: 79 (40% Discount Reached)
    Hi Stargazer - refresh your browser cache

    As we've reached the maximum 50% discount, all personal download links have now been sent. If anyone has any probs, just send me an email info[at]imperfectsamples[dot]com and I'll get back to you quickly.

    All new buyers get 50% discount. The group buy ends on Monday 22nd Feb, at which point the 50% discount will no longer exist.

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