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Topic: Compressor/Limiters

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    I need a better compressor and limitor than what Cubase SX 2 offers built-in. I think cubase 4 offers some improvements but maybe there is a separate option I can buy that does not use too much cpu/ram?


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    Re: Compressor/Limiters

    I haven't used these yet, but I've heard good things about t-racks. They have a fully functional demo that you can try out.
    Gavin Lake

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    Re: Compressor/Limiters

    There is a fantastic compressor and limiter among other mixing/mastering plug-ins in a product called the Vienna Suite. The interface for each one of these plug-ins are all very easy to work with offering visual aid on what is happening making it very user friendly. The quality is phenomenal and the cpu usage is very efficient.

    You will get a total of 9 plug-ins which are: Convolution Reverb, Equalizer, Master Equalizer, Limiter, Compressor, Multiband Limiter, PowerPan, Exciter, and an Analyzer.

    Since you use a Steinberg key already to run Cubase, you can also try the Vienna Suite 30 day fully functional demo with it since it requires a Steinberg/eLicenser dongle to run.

    To get the demo, first go to www.vsl.co.at and create an account. After doing so, go here to download the software:https://vsl.co.at/en/211/497/1686/1673/115.htm
    Austin Haynes
    Sales and Technical Support

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    Re: Compressor/Limiters

    I like the Sonalkisis plugins, especially the comprssors, & they've had great deals going-don't know if they're still available.

    PSP is also good and reasonably priced.



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    Re: Compressor/Limiters

    I would second the Sonalksis recommendation -- not sure you could go wrong with them -- but they ARE *expensive* in my opinion. They have a good deal going for the Mastering Suite just now, something like half-off I believe...

    I use PSP's Vintage Warmer for all KINDS of things -- if I want a bit of grit along with compression, it's the first thing I'll throw on, though depending on the material it can add some distortion that doesn't sound so nice to me. I put it on drums all the time, and sometimes even lead vocals (if I want a bit of "edge" to them). I love Vintage Warmer when used with care.

    But the MAIN thing I'd say is that you should at least consider upgrading to Cubase 5 -- I've made several posts here in the last few weeks about that, but honestly, C5 is the best Cubase I've ever used, and it comes with SEVERAL compressors. I've not really gone in and tried to compare them all, and I suspect that they all sound rather similar but just with different layouts/interfaces (i.e., you're not really getting 3 or 4 markedly different sounds when switching between them) -- BUT, having said that, I've so far *never* been disappointed when putting one of C5's built-in compressors on a track.

    IN FACT, I've pretty much stopped using third-party compressors all together, except for places where I know I need a "sound" (like the Vintage Warmer). And the limiter and maximizer in C5 seem to work quite well, too -- it's NOT Waves' L3, by a long shot -- but used in moderation it's quite good and I use it constantly now.

    I'm just saying, the shift in quality of the built-in effects from SX2 to C5 is pretty big, to my ears -- so at least consider an upgrade as an option for getting a bunch of nice compressors/limiters AND the latest version of Cubase. GOOD LUCK!

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    Re: Compressor/Limiters

    Thanks Gavin and Austin for pointing me to some free demos to try IK Multimedia & Vienna. I have never heard of IK Multimedia either Gavin, but they are offering as you said a 10 day free trial.

    Austin I did not know Vienna offered free demos of effects and thanks for the links. I am happy with SI but need to add Vienna instruments soon as well.

    Hi Nigel (long time and glad to say hello) and Tokyotain,

    Thanks for the Sonalksis recomendations. I like the interfaces on their website.

    Tokyo you are right – from a cost and cpu efficiency perspective, upgrading to Cubase 5 is the likely the responsible thing to do. I remember hearing compressor/reverb etc. on Cubase 4 and noticed how much improved from Cubase 2. I only have 2GB ram on my sequencer daw and not sure that is enough for a Cubase upgrade.

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