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Topic: pianoteq as resonance engine

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    pianoteq as resonance engine

    I made a similar post over at pianoteq, but figured I'd try here too. Has anyone been successful in figuring out a way to use pianoteq but silence the notes themselves? In my brief experience with it, it seems to do a better job then the sample libs (that I've played with) at the various sympathetic resonances (pedal-down, and held-notes), and the damper/note-off type of thing.

    I'd like to try using its sympathetic resonance, but a sample lib for the notes themselves. I have not figured out how to get it to generate that sound, but not the actual played notes themselves. Perhaps it's not possible, but I wanted to check and see if maybe I just missed something.


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    Re: pianoteq as resonance engine

    Hi Glenn,

    There was a thread here a couple of years ago where someone turned off the attacks in pianoteq and layered a sample lib with it and was really happy. you might do a search for that. It was pre 3.5 by a good margin. Good luck,


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    Re: pianoteq as resonance engine

    Yes, i had already tried this in this thread.

    Today i still use this idea with the Vienna Grand (from Galaxy II). And now that each note can be tuned one by one in Pianoteq 3.5, i could have better results.
    This example (a track for a singer, more smooth in piano resonances) was made with in middle 2008 with Vienna Grand and Pianoteq 2.0

    Xavier B.

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    Re: pianoteq as resonance engine

    Thanks Xav. I read that thread. I was trying it with the Garritan Steinway Basic. My issues were:

    1) that actual tone of the Garritan notes was "polluted"* by the quieter pianoteq tone... it was made richer, yes, but lost the somewhat pristine quality that Garritan has.

    2) there were tuning problems on a few notes where the tunings of the two pianos did clash

    I do believe that *both* of these issues would be vastly lessened if the pianoteq note tone could just be taken out altogether. Bringing the resonance volume up and the overall volume down is an attempt to minimize it, but it's still there.

    The individual note tuning facility in pianoteq does hold promise for helping with #2, and the whole process bears further experimentation.

    * You could just as easily say the pianoteq tone was "polluted" by the Garritan, but since the Garritan is the tone I want, I chose this way. No value judgment on pianoteq!

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