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Topic: Closing piece for Black History month

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    Closing piece for Black History month

    It's been a while since I've posted anything. A few weeks ago I wrote a short benediction piece for my choir to sing at the end of the church service. After we did it and I had time to run it through my head some more, I came up with a very different and longer arrangement of the same melody. Sunday night I sat down and wrote a new arrangement, but with flute, french horn, strings, piano, drum set, congas and tambourine. We have a gentleman coming on the 21st who is from Senegal who'll be playing his drums along with us as we do this new version of the closing piece. Unfortunately we won't have the string players like on the recording, but my organist will be able to fill in for the strings. The piece, called May the Love of God, has a lot of energy to it. I hope you all enjoy it.

    Gary A.

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    Re: Closing piece for Black History month

    Hi Gary,

    What a beautiful, peaceful song and arrangement ... the title says it all.

    I'll bet the guest drummer will enjoy playing in this piece.

    It was a perfect song to listen to before turning in ... thank you.



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    Re: Closing piece for Black History month

    Very sweet and uplifting piece. I'd have liked to hear the music louder than the drums, but well. It does have a great push to it. And although it is easy to follow, the arrangement keeps it quite interesting, like the reversal at the end.

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