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Topic: One of those frustrating days...

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    One of those frustrating days...

    Hello. I'm a fairly new user of JABB in Logic Express 9 -- and for the most part, I've been sailing along pretty well with this very big job I'm doing...but yesterday was one of those days where for about 4 hours I couldn't figure out what happened --- and as usual it was operator error --- having to do with the @*!* mod wheel. I finished this LONG tune, went to mix and bounce, and all the horns from one of the JABB multi's were gone. Midi info was still there, but no sound. Finally giving up, I went to record them over and realized the mod wheel needed to be adjusted. Something I've learned to do naturally while I'm recording section to section, but I still don't understand how to fix that problem--and frankly, I find it very annoying and seems like once the region is recorded, the volume should be too and I shouldn't have to go back and make adjustments?!?! :-)

    In a previous post someone had suggested recording ball park volume settings at the beginning and end of sections - sounds like a very good idea, but I don't think I know how to do that. Is it as simple as making sure the track is record enabled and then adjusting the volume setting where the cursor is placed? This leads me to another confession - I don't really know how to do any of the cc edits for JABB in Logic...meaning for rips, vibrato, fall offs etc. I know how to change velocity, quantize in piano roll view mostly etc....and use the sustain pedal well while recording horns...but if I want to add other nuances do I have to do those in Kontakt? I have set up Kontakt to use in Logic and then I try never to return to that window! Okay - enough procrastinating. Back to page 152 of 318....


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    Re: One of those frustrating days...

    I don't understand this message, but sometimes sequencers have a setting telling the when "playback stops" all parameters are to be set at their default value and with modwheel this is mostly "ZERO". You can solve this using CC#1 in the midi track or uncheck that "return to default value" thing.

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