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Topic: I need some Pro advice. Is this POSSIBLE?

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    Smile I need some Pro advice. Is this POSSIBLE?

    Hey guys,
    I really need a realistic sounding Timpani for a project I'm working on and I dont have access to a studio. I've done some research about new techniques using "Physical Modeling".
    Im sick of using the same pre-recorded samples from my library of VSTs.
    I'm very curious to know if anyone has done any experiments with creating physically modeled sounds?
    Any theories or advice would be really appreciated before I approach this.
    Thanks! I'll check back frequently!

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    Re: I need some Pro advice. Is this POSSIBLE?

    I've experimented with modeling timpani using Zebra 2.


    It's actually a pretty simple patch, though I know it's not perfect. The basic noise of the sound is a set of pink noise generators sending lowpassed + highpassed noise into a VCF with cutoff linked to velocity and the same envelope as amplitude (no attack, no sustain, short decay/release.) This output goes to the master, but it is also split into a second channel running through a comb filter which pitches the sound slightly. This way I can increase or decrease the noise + pitched components separately.

    The master output has a huge EQ boost at around 100hz to give that booming tone. If you remove this boost the sound is much more distant.
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