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Topic: How do I get hold of midi film scores?

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    How do I get hold of midi film scores?

    This isn\'t really a gigasampler question, but if anyone knows, you guys do... so I apologise.
    I was wondering whether there are any downloadable orchestral film scores from some of the great composers that I can view in score tools? It would be great from a study perspective to look at exactly what these great composers are up to in writing. I guess these must be available?
    Any takers?

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    Re: How do I get hold of midi film scores?

    Why not study scores by the masters: Ravel, Debussy, Brahms, Bartok, Mahler, Stravinsky, Grieg, Holst etc..., composers which are in the public domain ?? Most Hollywood scores I hear have their roots there, and remember that with a few exceptions, many film composers are on a tight deadline and routinely borrow from the sources I mentioned. Heavily IMHO. As a composer myself, I try to stay away from contemporary influences to continue growth in my own style. Furthermore, I hesitate to analyze even the masters too much, otherwise you start becoming derivative and your score will sound very contrite, as if following a formula. My humble advice is, if you need something to study, go to the masters and work your way up from there, don\'t bother with the current body, that would not help your composition skills nor your originality that much. There are a huge amount of MIDI compositions on the net, some of the scores are exactly correct note by note to the original work, my hat is off to those who endeavor to painstakingly reproduce these works in MIDI !! I found a Brandenburg midi file that was incredible. I\'ll also have a look through my bookmarks to see what I have, but it looks like a lot of midi file sites are being shut down lately. Will post what I find here shortly. Been there myself, just talking from experience, I had to push away more and more from spending time analyzing other composers...
    Regards, -Azure :-)

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    Re: How do I get hold of midi film scores?

    Hi Richard,

    I have found some extremely well crafted midi files of film music on Gary Wachtel\'s site:

    Some of his midis are just absolutely amazing. They sound good using my Yamaha SW1000XG sound card.

    Best regards

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    Re: How do I get hold of midi film scores?

    Here is a useful link I had, lot\'s of classical midi file sites... Don\'t know how many are still active....

    Hope this help ! -Azure ;-}

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    Re: How do I get hold of midi film scores?

    Maybe it is interesting for you to know what classical pieces have been used in movies?
    Here is the link: http://www.classicalarchives.com/movies/movie1.html
    have fun!

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