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Topic: Relentless (epic/trailer-ish)

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    Relentless (epic/trailer-ish)

    I've put together a new piece featuring VSL Vienna, East West Silk and Choirs (first time using word builder, wohoo!), Morphestra and more. This one has some big sounds with a mixture of orchestral, rock and ethnic instruments. You can also hear me on some guitar! I'm pretty happy with it and it was really fun making it.

    Relentless (224 kbps)

    Hope you like!

    /the Babies

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    Re: Relentless (epic/trailer-ish)

    Very nice. I think I hear some Darks Skies in the beginning there, no?

    Couple of things:

    Dynamics are a cool thing to have, but sometimes they can hurt. When the marc stuff comes in at :20, the peice is too soft. But then when the snare comes in at :40, that part sounds good in correlation the rest. So, maybe make the beginning of the peice lower? Not sure - would have to play with it.

    The marc strings that start at :40 are really cool, but sound a bit synthy. Maybe work with your volume faders a bit, maybe human-quantize the part(s), if the patch has velocity layers, try using some more.

    The horns that start at :32 are cool, but where are they? From a typical orchestral setting, they should be panned left. Then, I would add some trumpets (panned right) either doubling, playing an octave higher or perhaps both. Maybe round out the bottom with a tuba an octave or two down.

    The cymbals at the end seem a bit flat. Maybe add some more high end to them?

    The last two or so horn notes kinda die as the snare comes in. In real life, the player would play that as forte as possible (or close) to help build the part.

    Needs some more hi-hat type stuff when the peice changes at about 1:02. The drums are really cool, but you need something in the high end.

    It's too short. Not that I am not guilty of that too, because I am, but if i were you, I would extend the peice, going back to the marc part that started at :40, and wind up the same way with bigger choirs. Maybe add some sopranos, and altos if they are not already there.

    Otherwise very good!


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    Re: Relentless (epic/trailer-ish)

    Thanks for some great criticism! I looked into most of it and it helped a bit. I have uploaded a new version so give another listen if you want. I don't want to make it longer as I want to keep it in "trailer length" 1-2 minutes. Also I didn't want there to be a recurring theme but rather two parts; one build up and rock part and then one "adventure" part with a melody.

    When the strings first come in I made it a little bit more "threatening" with some darker staccato strings. It also builds up a little better now. I don't want to soften the intro, I'm pretty happy with how it sounds.

    Tried to add some more realism to the 0:40 part. Fixed the panning of the horns and also added a trumpet where you suggested one, worked well. I added some hihat sounds in the second part and it also sounded good. I thought it would take away from the lift at 1:35 but it did not. Also gave the cymbals/hihat of the drumkit some more treble. Made the ending one bar longer to create a bit more tension.

    I also encoded the uploaded mp3 with a bit better quality.

    And no, it's not Dark Skies. It's a mixture of Morphestra, WaterHarp and Project Sam Symphobia.

    /the Babies

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