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Topic: A touch-sensitive pedal for keyboards?

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    A touch-sensitive pedal for keyboards?

    I'm not sure if this is the correct term. I haven't been able to find anything online about such pedals for keyboards, only for guitars. What I mean is that I'm looking for a foot pedal that controls more than just OFF (1) and ON (127), but can act as a slider or wheel. Specifically, I'm attempting to use GPO strings in a performance setting and since the music is for two hands I don't have any way of using the mod wheel as I play. If I assign my foot pedal to CC#1, all I can get is maximum or minimum volume.

    I was also wondering if it's possible to keep GPO strings or winds sounding when I lift my fingers from the keys. Naturally, the sus pedal would do this for a piano patch, but for strings CC#64 controls legato phrasing.

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    Re: A touch-sensitive pedal for keyboards?

    There are two products that meet your needs that I know of:

    This one I use all the time with GPO instead of a mod wheel - also use the expression pedal as well with the Garritan Strad:


    If you are looking for something more piano-like then this is next on my shopping list:

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    Re: A touch-sensitive pedal for keyboards?

    Thanks very much! I gather then that these are generally called "expression pedals."

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    Re: A touch-sensitive pedal for keyboards?

    Yes 'touch-sensitive' is generally a synonym for 'velocity sensitive' - ie the harder (and necessarily therefore faster) you hit the note, the louder the sound. I knew what you meant though.

    I use the FCB-1010 for many purposes and you can obtain utility to set up the foot controllers to do more or less what you like midi-wise (except transmit notes, so can't be used as an organ foot register). For live playing I have a brass section patched into one expression pedal and the strings responding to another, so I can layer in and out of either and bring both in during crescendoes. I have patches programmed set up for synths so eg controlling vibrato and filter with each pedal. And if you have a midi guitar effects box (hardware like a Korg box or software like Guitar Rig) it is perfect for controlling things (like wah-wah), changing patches, etc.

    And, no I don't work for Behringer - anyone want to buy my Composer Pro that I hate?

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