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Topic: Cannot Authorize Omnisphere

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    Cannot Authorize Omnisphere

    I am unable to get Omnisphere to accept the provided response code. It says I have entered the wrong number of characters even though I am copying and pasting the exact code that was emailed to me. I've only got 2 days demo time left.

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    Re: Cannot Authorize Omnisphere

    make sure to download the latest version of everything from their website...

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    Re: Cannot Authorize Omnisphere

    Try copying the response from the web page when you request it. Sometimes email apps can insert extra characters into an email message, especially when wrapping something like the response, which should be a single line of text, into two lines.

    - Glenn

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    Re: Cannot Authorize Omnisphere

    Yes I have the latest Omnisphere version and I have also tried both methods of inputing the response code. It's nothing to do with my host being Cubase SX3.1.1 is it? I can run it in demo mode ok, well for another day now at least.


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    Re: Cannot Authorize Omnisphere

    Ok I finally got it to work by requesting a new response code and selecting update as the reason.

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