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Topic: Spectrasonics Support: Excellent!

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    Spectrasonics Support: Excellent!

    Your team is very good!

    Les emailed me back and pointed out that I was one version behind in the software and so ... upping to 1.1.4c fixed my little glitch.

    But also, someone called earlier than that, yesterday, but I didn't remember his name. The call put him on the task of looking for a fix, BUT, my small issue with Omni is now fixed since I got the email from Les.

    Maybe Glen or Eric can just yell into the other room that Steve Karl is OK now?
    I just don't want him to waste any time on my, now, non issue.

    Thanks again for some great tools.
    I'm loving LIVE mode in Omni.
    3 nights ago I started recording live passes to 8 stereo pairs on an other pc and I'm ending up with up to 8 minute finished pieces in 1 performance that are mixable after the take. So cool ... and what a time saver.

    I didn't realize how inspiring being able to jump from sound to sound could be. It really gets me into a great place.

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    Re: Spectrasonics Support: Excellent!

    I've been waiting 10 days for a call back from tech support. Not so excellent.

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    Re: Spectrasonics Support: Excellent!

    I couldn't get the Omnisphere Beta, so I email them; they asked me a few questions the next day. Now I haven't heard anything for a week or two. As far as support for their proper products, I've never needed it (which is a very good thing).

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