hey guys, so i have EWQLSO Platinum XP on my system (windows 7 64-bit) with DFD 1.29 installed, and im having some issues.

i'll be using the kontakt player, ussually through cubase sometimes on it's own, and after a period of heavy use my computer will start to lag and lock up a bit. I'll quit out of kontakt and whatever other program im using with it, but the lag will continue to persist until restart...

this happens whether i have multiple instances or using 1 alot. Whats causing this? is it an issue with DFD?

my system specs:
Intel dual core processor 3.16ghz
4gb DDR2 1066 RAM
Windows 7 64-bit
3 hard drives, the one with EWQLSO on it has over 100 gigs free

thanks guys