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Topic: A quest for real voices

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    A quest for real voices

    I want a choir singing. I write the words, submit them to that "lib" together with notes and voila the choir is there. Is there such thing? And I mean really good singing and pronouncing!!!!

    Raymond Robijns
    Youtube channel: "Raymond Robijns"

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    Re: A quest for real voices

    if you can get that from a REAL live choir, let me know.

    as for a sample library, I don't think the technology is QUITE there yet

    there's a library that has a word-pronouncing app that runs with it (forget the name... Symphonic Choirs?), but my suspicion is that unless you are writing Hollywood-style "grandiose" choral stuff (ie: no rapidly spoken words), that it is not particularly convincing.

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    Re: A quest for real voices

    You could try with Myriad Harmony Assistant and Virtual Singer.
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    Re: A quest for real voices

    I have Harmony Assistant and have heard the Virtual Singer voices... not the greatest or most convincing sounding thing in the world.

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    Re: A quest for real voices

    What about "Symphonic Choirs" by EastWest?

    I have done O Fortuna with this library.
    There is no spoon.

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    Re: A quest for real voices

    ....or you could wait for the Garritan Choir to be released - here is a reminder of the demo:


    and this thread might be of interest:


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    Re: A quest for real voices

    Great demo!

    Can't wait for it to come out...!


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    Re: A quest for real voices

    And what is the timeline on Garritan Choir? Things have been pretty quiet around here lately.
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    Re: A quest for real voices

    I dont find EastWest's Symphonic Choir to be an easy beast to work with.
    For one thing, the word recognition program is separate from the note playing program, and needs virtual midi cables to connect them together...which is a pain and I can't always get it to work (they promised to integrate the programs with the last release - and despite plonking down cash on that basis, the integration hasnt appeared).

    Once you DO get them linked, it is a struggle to get properly pronounced words...it can be done, but not by typing in the word, but by tinkering with the program...good results can be had by the patient and the obsessive....
    which I am not...I want to compose....

    I eagerly await Garritan's Choir, when Gary has the time and space to return to its development.

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    Re: A quest for real voices

    Thank you folks,

    I think I'll wait for Garritan's Choir. In the meantime some "Songs without words" like Mendelssohn did (haha).

    Raymond Robijns
    Youtube channel: "Raymond Robijns"

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