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Topic: Omni/Trilium Arp Patterns

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    Omni/Trilium Arp Patterns

    Maybe I'm missing something, but I can't find a way to easily access any of the arpeggiator patterns from other patches in the actual arp screen. I've been saving them out a patch at a time as user patterns, just to make them available in the drop-down list on the arp page.

    Is there an easier way to access these great patterns? For example, I would like to open a non-arp bass synth and browse/preview all the arp patterns from the other patches with it.



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    Re: Omni/Trilium Arp Patterns

    There's not a simple way to do that. If it were possible, I don't think it would have the effect you are looking for anyway.

    It's worth realizing that many of the rhythmic patches in the library rely heavily on rhythmic Mod Envelopes, rhythmic modulation in various FX units and the interaction of synchronized LFOs modulating many different parameters.

    In fact, in numerous cases the Arpeggiator is not even used to create these rhythms at all. It's often just part of the story of what makes the groove happen in a sound.

    However, if you have a particular pattern that you'd like to try with other patches, try copying the one you like and then pasting that pattern to the patches you are interested in trying.

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    Re: Omni/Trilium Arp Patterns

    Re: "interaction of synchronized LFOs modulating many different parameters"

    ---Diego's recent video provides an excellent example of this, so if you haven't seen it already, it's well worth watching, and it will further explain Eric's comments...............playz
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