Hey folks - I'm looking for someone to collaborate with on a Rock, Pop/Rock recording project. Style wise think Journey meets ColdPlay meets Five For Fighting meets The Fray meets Aimee Mann - with a few other things thrown in. I am looking for a very dramatic, cinematic type of sound to go with these very melodic, hook-driven songs - Rockers to ballads.

I'm based in the Philly area (near King of Prussia for any locals) but would be open to virtual collaboration (my main guitar player just moved to Italy and we continue to collaborate ).

I'm a Sonar 8.5 PE user with lots of plugins, including GPO4. I have written most of the songs and I sing lead on them. While I play enough keys to get the songs written, I'm not a great player, thus the desire collaborate with someone who is. I've got a great guitar player (also a very talented engineer/producer) lined up as well as a bass player who used to have a major label deal. There is definitely room for a great keys player who also can offer some dramatic arrangement parts.

If you are interested, send me note with your email address and I'll email you a song or two for you to review and perhaps even add parts to.

I look forward to hearing from a few of you - it would be really great if I found a local, but like I said, I'm ok with a virtual model.