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Topic: Pro tools Error 6101

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    Angry Pro tools Error 6101

    I really need help on this one. I just recently bought a brand new Mac Pro running Snow Leopard 10.6.2 and PT 8. I've been installing sample libraries for days and now I keep getting an error 6101 telling me that I'm overloading my cpu. I don't really think that's possible since I have dual quad core processors. I even check in PT and watch the CPU usage and it's crashing anywhere from 19% to 40%. Anyone else have this problem, or a solution?

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    Re: Pro tools Error 6101

    A possible solution might be to reduce your processors by one in the RTAS engine.

    Richard P

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    Re: Pro tools Error 6101


    I used to have the same problem. After 3 months of going crazy on all kinds of research, I finally found the problem. In my case, it was because of an unsupported virtual instrument being used in my Pro Tools 8 sessions. The CPU overload window didn't just pop up when I used the unsupported plug-in. As long as it was installed in my hard drive (digidesign folder), the session would stop every 5-8 seconds.
    I suggest you check all your plug-ins being updated to the latest Pro Tools (and Mac OSX as well) version. And of course, if you have cracked plugins, be very careful of those.


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    Re: Pro tools Error 6101

    Thanks for the responses.
    I did reduce my processors, reduced them by two infact and I still have the same issue.
    I'm not running any unlicensed plugins, not that I know of. I am running PLAY, the most recent version, and Kontakt 4, brand new out of the box as of about 5 days ago. I will double check all my plugins though and get back to you. Like you said it could be just one that's installed and causing a problem.

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    Re: Pro tools Error 6101

    So I just went into the digidesign folder and removed all the pluggins except Kontakt 4, PLAY engine, and the original bundled protools pluggins from the plugin alias folder. Still having the same problem. Anymore ideas, or did I not do the right thing to try and remove them?
    Thanks again.

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    Re: Pro tools Error 6101

    See if you can identify which is the one causing problems. Take out Play, and see if Kontakt behaves. And vice versa.

    If Kontakt is causing the problem, look in the Kontakt engine and tick/untick multiprocessor support. Try the RTAS engine with the highest buffer.

    If Play is causing the problem, sorry can't help. Don't own any Play products.

    Incidentally, the Pro Tools plugs that came with Pro Tools shouldn't cause a problem. Shame not to be able to use them...and some are pretty good.

    If the problem is unsolvable, it might be worth going down to Leopard if the problem persists and using Pro Tools 8.0.1 cs 1 which I can assure you works well with Kontakt - just until Pro Tools has gone through various updates for Snow Leopard.

    Richard P

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    Re: Pro tools Error 6101

    If nothing else fixes the problem, I would consider uninstalling all the plugins. Just leave the digi plugins. Use them them for heavy testing. If all goes well, you should add one non-digi plugin and do the same (lots of track count tests). So on, so forth...
    I know this sounds like a waste of time, but there are sometimes unsolved mysteries that can only be solved by means of primitive actions.
    Let us know what happens!


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    Re: Pro tools Error 6101

    There's a known incompatibility between PT and Play engine... it crashes most of times..

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    Re: Pro tools Error 6101

    Quote Originally Posted by lucaprocubase View Post
    There's a known incompatibility between PT and Play engine... it crashes most of times..
    I don't seem to have that problem. I would get a problem if i used PLAY and Kontact on different channels and had them both running at once. I would get that with most plug ins to be honest. Especially Trilian and another, as i only have an MBox for ProTools LE 8.1.

    What i have to do is record e.g with PLAY, then bounce it down to an audio channel. Then i would record with Kontact, bounce down etc.

    It is a pain i suppose but i don't get many problems now i do it that way.

    I run mine on a Macbook with 4G of ram with Leopard.

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    Re: Pro tools Error 6101

    I've been doing more experimenting and still no luck.
    I resorted to calling tech support at sweetwater and they simply referred me to a troubleshooting guide on avid's website. I have had success with bouncing just kontakt, then play. I just hate to have to do that extra step. Any other suggestions?

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