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Topic: IllumiNexus Theme

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    IllumiNexus Theme

    This is my first post to the Listening Room. This is the theme song for a game by NCFgames.com, a very little Flash games company ran by a friend and I. The song is designed to loop, though in MP3 it doesn't quite.

    Since I'm still a new user to JABB, I only felt safe using the sax. Hopefully in the future I'll really learn how to make all the instruments shine. Other instruments were Kore/Kontakt stuff and some soundfonts.


    Hope you enjoy.
    The Untrained Ecclectic--I'm a PC, with Sonar Home Studio, JABB and tons of soundfonts, DXIs & VSTIs

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    Re: IllumiNexus Theme

    At first I thought: yet another four bar theme with layer-after-layer build-up, even though tonally it's a rather different beast, but I admire the way you break it up after a few repetitions.

    It sounds a bit like music for a time-limited puzzle game. You could use the mod wheel controller more on the sax, it can breathe more life into the song.

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