Hi everyone,

I'm wondering if any of you guys are using the network MIDI protocol that is provided by Apple since OS X 10.4.

If that is the case I would courteously ask for a favour of you guys:

I'm currently writing a protocol-plugin for Wireshark (which is an open-source network-analysis tool which can be used to diagnose problems on networks) which is able to decode all of this MIDI-code which is sent over network.

The plugin is pretty much done, but I don't really have any good protocol-traces from more "esoteric" MIDI-stuff (all that is encoded within SYSEX-data like Sample-Dump, MTC, Show-control, Machine control...) to test my decoder against.

So if you are using any of those features, but even if you only have "normal" MIDI going over the network at your place, I would really appreciate if you could provide me with such a capture file. (This capture-file can be created with Wireshark, which is a free download at www.wireshark.org).

Best regards,

PS.: On top of that I'm currently completing my rtpMIDI driver, which is a virtual MIDI-driver for Windows XP/Vista/W7 32bit & 64bit which can interconnect over the network with the Apple's MIDI-driver. But I think that will still take a couple of weeks 'til its beta.