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Topic: GPO Aria Harp Packets in Logic Pro 8

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    GPO Aria Harp Packets in Logic Pro 8

    I'm used to the wonderful Drag/Drop implementation in Digital Performer - How does one use harp packets in Logic Pro 8? I've opened the HarpMidiLibrary.LSO and copy/pasted a packet into a new Logic file with a track of Aria/Glissando Harp 1.

    It does nothing - and it only shows in Logic as a single Breath Control CC.

    What am I doing wrong? I'm new to Logic, so go slow! :-)



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    Re: GPO Aria Harp Packets in Logic Pro 8

    Hi, RW - Until a genuine Logic user shows up on this thread, I'm here to check that you have a MIDI recording in your Gliss Harp track. The packet needs to be parked slightly ahead of where you plan on playing, then it forces your runs on the keys to the chord of whatever packet you're using. You can also add the packet after the fact, recording some glissandos up and down the keyboard first. If you're doing this and still not getting a result, then--

    Randy B.

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