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Topic: A GPO Adventure: action, adventure and romance!

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    Wink A GPO Adventure: action, adventure and romance!

    Where would we be without stereotypical movie sound tracks? So I have tried to add yet another one. I started by writing music for typical action/adventure scenes, such as pursuit, mystery, nostalgia, tension, impossible love, good beats evil, and a happy, romantic ending, and then merging them (I've labeled the sections for your convenience in the film). Then I added images from the Lego versions of Indiana Jones movies to mirror the music. Since the images were chosen to follow the music, the story is not really consistent, and you should definitely not pay attention of the hair color of the different female protagonists, but it's great fun anyway.

    It was also an attempt to make some irregular and random music. Some of the parts have pretty irregular time signatures, and the rhythm and melody lines, with exception of the hero's theme, were chosen from a number of random phrases. E.g., the end rhythm was generated by filling two bars with 1/16th notes and assigning them random velocity (and deleting the inaudible beats).

    The whole thing was scored with Logic Express and Garritan Personal Orchestra 4, with the aid of the CineToms sample library and the Reverberate plugin.

    I hope you like it... You can see and hear it at YouTube.
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    Re: A GPO Adventure: action, adventure and romance!

    Fun and nothing but fun. You have seen all Indiana Jones movies (me too).
    Lovely music and great "animation". This must be somewhere on the Garritan Movie Demo page and if there isn't one, we must ask for it.

    Send it to Denmark, to the Lego factory!!!!! They must love it.

    Great stuff,

    Raymond Robijns
    Youtube channel: "Raymond Robijns"

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    Senior Member Frank D's Avatar
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    Re: A GPO Adventure: action, adventure and romance!

    This was great Theo!

    I always enjoy anything score-related and your project didn't disappoint .

    I particularly liked the "Impossible Love - Once Too Many" cue @ 3:50 featuring the tutti orchestra (very majestic), and the "Hero's Theme - Romantic Version" @ 6:45.

    Nice job ... I really enjoyed this.



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    Re: A GPO Adventure: action, adventure and romance!

    Great stuff Theo! you really handle the orchestra well in this - I found the movie part OK - but, well, Leggo? - the music would work for me with eyes closed. Curiously, the only voices that sounded sort of unreal were the choir hits early on, sharp attack but no sustain, depending on your player you might be able to tweak that - but really, no matter - you have the orchestra under firm control.
    Thanks for sharing!!

    Best regards,
    sd cisco

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    Re: A GPO Adventure: action, adventure and romance!

    Thanks for the comments. And I'm glad you all enjoyed it.

    sd cisco: The Lego, well... I agree it is cheesy, but I wanted a movie to fit my music rather than fit my music to a movie. And it had to be Indiana-Jonesy, since that's one of the granddaddies of the genre and not too serious. Then I found these cut scenes from the Lego Indiana Jones games, and I thought they were a perfect match. And people like music better when it accompanies images. Did you ever notice that people would switch off the radio as soon as anything by e.g. Bernard Herrmann would be played? Yet when it accompanies a Hitchcock movie, nobody takes offence...

    About the choir hits: they had to be sharp stabs, as is obligatory in adventure movie scores, and I only wanted to use GPO. The choir is not very strong, but I found this acceptable. It is a bit synthy, though.

    Frank D: Perhaps I repeated some themes too often. But I'm afraid I fell in love with them, mainly the "impossible love" and the "hero's" themes, indeed. I could have been more critical, but love makes blind...

    Raymond: I'm afraid Garritan cannot publish this, because the images are protected by copyright and trademark and other legal stuff by several stakeholders, most likely. However, on YouTube that doesn't matter

    So, thanks again y'all. I'm also glad that my slightly random musical themes worked. I saw an interview with Hans Zimmer (on YouTube, of course), and he said something like: if I play three random notes, it doesn't sound like music, but in a context, and with the correct accompaniment, it does. And I thought: well, let's see if that's true. And indeed, it takes some effort, and not everything works, but you can get far with a couple of random notes or chords.

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